Saturday, May 1, 2010

New batch of library haul videos

Vanessa's second video:

Helen's first one!:

Angela's second video!:

This is a veritable babe convention.
I heard a rumor Smasher, Alexis, and Kevin might be making videos soon. I hope so! Anyone else?


  1. hell yeah! pleasee do. i'm loving watching my friends on the video. it's endlessly entertaining.

  2. I been slacking on my haul duties... I've bought pants and interesting fruits and mushrooms and have not made haul videos for any of them...

  3. Oh mushroom haul!! John Cage would be so down with the mushroom haul. I think his mushroom enthusiasm might be my favorite thing about him... (example: Sorry random. I vote for you make mushroom haul.

  4. It's a library haul... I'll do a food haul at some point!