Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Grainy videos of crotch rubbing twinks"

This isn't the most inspired foldy book I've ever made. It's like a C+. But it's on the favorite topic and it has some cute parts so I thought I'd share. The favorite topic is when homophobic public figures are exposed as pathetic, hateful secret gays. This new dooshy guy is a baptist minister and runs some fake bullshit org where they say they can cure gays. He's a ridiculous farce and now the jig is up. He did a Larry Craig and made an unacceptable excuse for why he was with the young man, whom he admitted to having found on (I love how much traffic they must be getting because of this big story), saying that he recently had surgery and needed someone to help him "lift his luggage." It's true. Larry Craig had a "wide stance" and George Rekers can't lift his own luggage. Check out this wonderful photo captured by the Miami newspaper at the airport when they got back from his slutty gay ten-day European vacay. This photo is the reason the second page of my lil comic has pixel face. Dan Savage did a great rant about this story on his podcast this week. He also is a big fan of how reliably this type of man is hardly secretly his own worst enemy.


  1. long man returns for the long stroke!

  2. ahaha you know! He's always creepin around