Tuesday, May 18, 2010

There's no reason to eat the heat-lamp burrito

I'll be honest. I'm a hot mess right now.The top drawing is an accurate expression of my inner thought life and the bottom one is an accurate narrative of some of the events that transpired in my last weekend. Including incomplete representations of the sports games we invented at tina's goodbye party called shirtball and badmintegories. The lugers are symbolic of the future. Hamburgers are symbolic of lunch. Tiny squares are symbolic of censorship. Tiny humans are symbolic of children ethan and kaleb. Cactus is symbolic of my newly ripped asshole. Ketchup is symbolic of staying up all night. Hairstyles are symbolic of I haven't decided yet.Then I was drawing this picture of Fabio going on a date with the famous celebrity singer Nicki Minaj and my coworker told me that she "likes girls" so I had to change it up real quick. She's in that song with the lyrics: "My chick bad/my chick hood/my chick does things your chick wish she could/my chick speaks Sanskrit/My chick eats a giant bucket of baleen everyday/My chick knows pi to a thousand decimals/my chick does no-hands push ups to train for seal olympics" I love that song. (Shitty Mickey seems to have put on a few pounds, don't you think? Eek!)

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