Thursday, April 29, 2010

Once yer used up you'll be: Sealed and abandoned

The US Energy Administration just wants you to know offshore drilling is easy to explain, all the big equipment is cool, and, don't worry, the industry is taking every precaution to make sure nothing could possibly ever go wrong.
"Offshore oil producers are always taking precautions to prevent pollution, spills and significant changes to the ocean environment. Since 1975, drilling in the EEZ has had a safety record of 99.999% meaning that only .001% of the oil produced has been spilled. Offshore rigs are even designed to withstand hurricanes"

I'm so convinced.

Is .001% of 600 million barrels p/y (the total U.S. figure) an acceptable amount of crude to pour into the ocean? This week's offshore fire/explosion/sinking is spilling 5000 barrels per day (21,000 gallons) right now. 11 crew workers are dead and the oil slick can be seen from space. Disaster crews did a controlled burn yesterday to try to prevent the oil from getting to the coast.

How bizarre is all this considering that the U.S. exports 1.6 million barrels per day (that's a 2008 number and it's A LOT. And it was up about 30% from the previous year)? So many desperate appeals for our need to relieve ourselves from the need for foreign oil. So great, supposedly, that we should violate nature reserves to get at oil so inaccessible that it takes 5-7 or more years to extract it once its location has been discovered. It seems like a farce. I wonder what the official explanation is. I'm trying to find it. I suspect that it's disgusting vulgar greed.

The Obama administration is supposedly now reconsidering the expansion of offshore drilling that they authorized a couple weeks ago.

I've been doing much research about oil lately for my free-job and it's swimming in my mind, so I thought I'd share a little bit here. Anyways, check out this ostrich trying to eat a baby: I'm gonna paint it this weekend, you bet your bottom dollar.

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