Sunday, February 27, 2011

Monday, February 14, 2011

Scare Him Erect

If any of you have ever slept in a room with Mattt Monster you know about his terrible condition. It's like bunking with Linda Blair if ya know what I mean. He suffers from sleep insanity. Screaming, kicking, maniacal laughter--the works. It's really sad. Tina has to wrap him up real good so he doesn't hurt himself and others. The above is a medical illustration of him with his equipment: Head cone, straight jacket, and a ball gag.
These two buddies are the result of team work between Shayna, Alexis, and myself last week during our artist retreat in San Diego. While I was doing this I was NOT working devotedly and without interruption on my map-making midterm project for school and it subsequently sucked a fat one. We make sacrifices for art. Can you find the penid?
I'm soooo busy with school but I have many drawings to put here. It will be a project for spring break. After Cancun of course.

That reminds me of an oldie but a goodie. One from the vaults (psst it's true story about John S):

scare him erect