Monday, May 24, 2010

A long overdue letter to a strange man

I'm still looking for a mailing address. Internets not giving to me. It's in one of my notebooks somewhere. I'll bet it's in his books. Yet another reason to go to a comic book store immediately. It's possible that some claims in this letter have been exaggerated or borrowed from the wonderful, never boring Black Cat White Cat movie. Also, apparently the scanning software I'm using translated my handwriting into type. Weird. I wrote "I hope" at the end of the letter in my own hand on the real letter. Not this creepy typed bit shown in the image above. I'm not creepy.


  1. They were Jiva portraits...
    My dearest love I did a bit of searching... I don't think he still does it... but here are some contacts I've found...

    Jimland Novelties, PO Box 45007, Seattle WA 98145-0007


  2. Oh wow you found a po box. You're a true investigative journalist. I found some other address in seattle. Hopefully its not a creepy one to send it to. Probably should have just gone via fantagraphics. Oh well it's been sent away already, possibly into the void, but that's cool too. Mail magic.

  3. I found it in a zine review...!
    You should e-mail him anyways... his site is sad and full of complaints about spammers and how his eyes hurt from trying to learn dreamweaver. He also has a daily comic too!