Monday, May 3, 2010

This is art made by my close and personal friends

This drawing is made by Jail who is very talented and let me have this in a very generous gesture of friendship. That's how I interpreted it. She may have actually been giving drawings away willynilly without abandon. Regardless, I like it a lot. I call it: Prepared to Meet Wolf, Unblinking Russian Man Tromps Through Woods With Chicken. I was not given permission to put this drawing here or name it.
This is a hilarious comic that Shayna made about our friend Jason (aka neutral aka ectropic aka baldinglocks aka robotman (he doesn't like that one) aka BUG aka spaceman etc.) She is very talented and moving to Oakland as soon as she sells her house (pray to real estate lords). She said I could put this comic here, because if you're reading this you probably know Jason. Jason did not give me permission to put this here.


  1. ahaha awesome! it's so true. that reminds me of this old trick: I really need to do a photoshoot like that immediately.