Monday, May 17, 2010

Tina goes to smart-town

Tina is moving to Pittsburgh for pharmacy school as you may know. She demanded that I make Michael Jackson themed buttons for her and I obliged because she is so powerful and so totally not weak in anyway that I had no choice but to relent and do her bidding. You think you know how to spell Pittsburgh but you don't. The top left button is celebrating the time in Michael Jackson's life when he made a PSA video about the "alleged" crimes he committed. He made potent bunny ears in that video. The bottom right one is reminiscing about the famous moment when he dangled baby Blanket from the hotel balcony in Berlin. It was a great moment that we all love and inspires us to dangle our babies. RIP MJ and good luck and best wishes for Tina in her trek across the country to the new place. Amen.

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