Thursday, May 27, 2010

Crazy Hair

This is a excerpt of a comic made by a person who is not me that I have scanned for you to look at:

The text was already a bit pale before the scan, so it's hard to read, but you can make out the important bits. I thought it was super hilarious and I was trying to draw some "crazy hair" earlier today and this was the result:
The artist's name is Olivier Schrauwen. I know I'm down with this person cuz I go look at the website and I see the terrible men in the blue suits and one of them is leaking something from his penis (possibly jizzing or pissing) onto a pen and then gives that pen to the other man in a gesture that could be interpreted in a 100 different ways. It just looks great. The bearded man is prototype nightmare man. He and longman should get together some time. Olivier is informing us about what the real business world is like and I appreciate his honesty. zzz

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