Saturday, April 24, 2010

Starter Culture: Library Haul Videos

So here's the business. As you probably know by know, the most serious internet phenomenon for anyone who is anyone is to make haul videos and put them up on youtube so that mindless drones can worship you. Just kidding. But really, these videos, that mostly young women are making, have thousands of viewers and they sometimes get paid to do it by youtube and lord knows who else if they are adored severely enough. What are they? Usually they feature a young women who has visited the mall and returned with arm loads of clothes and cosmetics and makes a video presenting their purchases and talking about why they got it and what they like about it, etc. Some people, who are jealous, accuse them of being spoiled, shallow, vein, and of showing off. But that's just not true, OK? I appreciate everything my mom does for me.

Eventually a rusty light bulb sputtered awake in the collective minds of me and some of my buddies and Vanessa and I decided to take action and make a haul video based on our findings at the local library. Vanessa is the psychedelic video artist. (Here's a link to a great radio interview Isabel Allende, the lady whose book I talk about, did with Michael Krasny yesterday 4/27/10:

Here's some links for background education on haul videos. The excellent blog Threadbared made an ideal post about haul videos that encompasses every aspect of what I want to share with everyone I care about. It's discussing both the thing itself and how mainstream media gives it a typical bullshit treatment. It's here:

All the other people who also had the same rusty light bulb are exclusively under the age of eighteen. What does that say about us? Here are a few:

It's basically all vampire books. So what. Cute as hell.

Make yer library haul videos and send em to me or Vanessa. It's fun.

UPDATE: Presenting Angela Robert's library/Chinatown groceries haul

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  1. A one book haul? Well either way I'm on board... I need new books to read anyways... yay Haul!