Monday, April 5, 2010

All the really important things that happened this weekend

It was Matt Chandler's (aka Matt P) birthday so we talked about baseball and learned about this really awful story where a kid tried to catch a fly ball at a Padre's game and he really shouldn't have been doing that for some reason, so a bunch of people held him down while the Padre's chicken pecked at him with its dull plastic beak until he died. True story. No one believed me that there used to a be a horrifying Padres Monk instead of a chicken. They're hella stupid. Here is the Padres chicken suplexing the shit out of a professional baseball player.
Then I saw a beautiful scene in which there was a street lamp with a seagull sitting on each lamp. One was looking this way and the other one was looking that way. It was an example of true classic beauty. And the female reproductive system.
Then Brock asked me to make a hoodie for him with the following words on it in olde english font. It's inspired by the forbidden items he shouldn't have seen when he peeked in my drawer. Don't peek if you can't handle the reality, na wam sane?
And too many people at the at the goth club were trapped in this troubling condition. They look so serene even though a giant spider is probably just biding its time until it finishes them off. RIP goths.


  1. I need to give you some cake...I will try a bit to make sure it isn't disgusting, but after that I want nothing to do with it- ate too much sugar and crap yesterday... I can pawn a bit of it onto matt m. as well
    also monk thing totally true...
    you keep honey in your drawer?

  2. Honey and tapatio is usually somewhere around the desk.

    I want the beautiful cake. I'll come get it.

  3. I work till ten tonight... I don't believe this chicken pecking a child to death thing...