Thursday, April 1, 2010

Foreign customs or "French Hello"

This is a diagram explaining the French custom of meeting a new person and saying hello in the proper way. The first upper left illustration is when two neuters are meeting and how they say hello with butt touch, lip touch, and butterfly kisses. Next to the right is two masculine meeting with unblinking aggressive eye contact and staring and tongues mingling. Next is two very patriotic neuter citizens meetings and greeting in the proud French way. Next at the bottom are two feminines with lap sitting and finger sucking and crotch mapping. Hello, how do you do?

I wish I could share here the birthday card that I made for Tina Crimescene Horns. It featured adult content manga fan art, erotic male pregnancy, and baby throwing (ala MJ). It was disgusting garbage so I had to do censorship here. But happy birthday for Tina none the less. We made a terrible scene at the ice cream parlor for her.

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