Tuesday, April 13, 2010

That time of the month

My Aunt MRR is visiting and I'm editing these grimy columns and encountering the strange logic of one longterm wingnut writer who considers his lack of boundaries a personal triumph. He brags about intruding on other people's conversations, slapping his teacher's perfect ass when he was a youth, and putting himself in uncomfortable situations merely because he must know what lay on the forbidden side of the wall covered in poisonous spines. And he's definitely right about 60 years old. This month I find his lunacy endearing. Mostly because it's amazing to know what he is thinking when he asks the lady on the bus how big her boyfriend's dick is, because I know what she's thinking—MACE!SLAP!MACE!
And he states that Dominican people have the best asses in the world as though it's a fact that everyone knows. Where are the impartial studies the support this assertion? This guy is trippin'. Cold hard science points to Semetic cheeks every time.

Check the "Ugly Buggin Me" track here to know how I really feel. Pay careful attention to every single lyric.

Ariel's column, however, about being XX and learning to play guitar is inspiring and fabulous and right on the money. I hope I can remember to put a link here when the time comes.

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