Tuesday, February 9, 2010

They all talk shit behind your back

Sometimes people strongly feel the need to destroy famous works of art and I understand that. Oct. 7, 2007: Punch a hole in Claude Monet's "Le Pont d'Argenteuil'' Sept. 4, 2005: Four twelve-inch cuts in Roy Lichtenstein's "Nude in Mirror" 1914: Meat cleaver Valaquez's "The Rokeby Venus" 1975: Bread knife Rembrandt's "De Nachtwacht" 1990: Acid spray Rembrandt's "De Nachtwacht" (this is a particularly cocky and wretched painting) Feb. 28, 1974: Spray paint "KILL LIES ALL" in foot-high letters across Picasso's "Guernica" Jan. 25, 2010: "Accidentally" trip and tear six inches into Picasso's "The Actor" Dec. 1, 1996: Vomit primary colors on Mondrian's ''Composition in Red, White and Blue'' and Raoul Duffy's "Harbor at Le Havre." 1977: Lipstick kiss on a white monochrome painting by Jo Baer (because it looked cold and she wanted to cheer it up) Jan. 29, 1973: Geologist hammer Michelangelo's "Pieta" ("I am Jesus Christ—Risen from the dead!") 1966: Acid thrown upon his own paintings (creating the auto-destructive art movement, here's the manifesto, and leading to the Destruction in Art Symposium) A nice essay about compulsive art destruction in history from f news, whatever that is. CLEARLY: There is a distinction between some of these acts. Some are a "conversation" between artists and others are battle. The guy that pissed in Duchamp's urinal is in conversation with the artist. So is KILL LIES ALL and primary colors. However, I think meat cleaver may be fighting for self preservation or for the glory of the kingdom. Actually, the real truth is that meat cleaver was a suffragette and didn't want the public to be able to enjoy the beauty of the woman in the painting if they wouldn't grant women basic freedoms in the republic. Political statements are cool, but insanity is the funnest inspiration. Meat cleaver sounds pretty crazy. Update: 4/1/11: Woman attacks Gauguin painting. The painting is very homosexual. She has a radio in her head. She is in the American CIA. She is going to kill you.


  1. You forgot Jubal Brown who vomited in primary colors on various pieces... It wasn't permanent but was still some destruction was involved... plus primary color vomit!

  2. Nice! I know there's so many, because it makes so much sense. In most of these cases the museum has managed to repair the damage almost immediately. So unfair.

  3. This guy seems to have been a bit of a douchebag doing it as a performance art stupidity... but if Keeley were a shitty vandal this would be her thing

  4. Also I liked this one
    1912 - A young woman adds rouge to the forehead and nose of a portrait by Francois Boucher at the Louvre. “She was lacking color,” she explains.
    It's cute, she was trying to help...

  5. Bonkers lady. Oh, the painting needs to be cheered up, oh, it's lacking color. Why do they let lunatics in the art gallery?

    I support Keeley making more political statements with her barf. It's wasted just lying there on the sidewalk.

  6. I think lunatics like art...
    Oh hell yeah... that girl needs to harness her puke powers...to the maxxx...