Thursday, February 11, 2010

More random pub(l)ic insano-destructo

Take a look at this motherfucker: He thinks he can just walk into Wal-Mart, pick up a baseball bat, and start smashing TVs. Maybe the police report will give us some insight into the mind of the criminally insane. Wal-Mart is dangerous. At first when I read the headline, I thought it said a cop did it, but it was really this 23-year-old guy in Atlanta who takes medication for depression. Boringggg. At lease he has a nice expression on his face. I once knew a guy who did that to car windshields on random street in San Diego. That's bad! Wal-Mart is better, because it's nice and victimless like art destruction. And probably way more fun than a typical day for the employees there. I would be stoked if someone walked into my work and started smashing shit. Cross your fingers.

OH LOOK: The video.

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