Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Monster Manual fan remix 2010 Volume Two

I'm not a design person. I wish I was. I appreciate the visual eye that some people seem to have for layouts and that sort of thing. I'm not a fashion designer. I'm not a beautification expert. When it comes to the digitalization of foldy book, sometimes I'm at a loss. If I'm out of it enough, I completely forget how to do even the peasant technique that I developed myself. I wish I could do the thing where you hit the button to turn the page like in goog books. I bet I could look it up or something... but it may be throwing poop at pearls. Anyways, here I have experimented with a pretentious new layout for foldy book. It's pretentious because it looks like the Swedish flag. At least it may be cute for this particular book. Symmetry is the siren enemy that brings me down every time.

Front page: "The most ancient Black Puddings are vast pools of inky death"

Next page: "Cockatrice -- Steals copper from under your house and turns your ass back to the stoneage. Just trying to get paid. Nothing personal. Alignment -- Always Neutral. +$12 for copper +$3.65 for (bottles and) cans"

Next page: "Intellect Devourer -- Has been recognized for building roadblocks between communities and encouraging race riots and social strife. Alignment -- Always Chaotic Evil."

Next page: "Blink Dogs -- Prolific indie sweetheart band. Sounds like Joy Division on downers and uses the blink spell to travel between material and ethereal plane. Alignment -- Usually Lawful Good."

Next page: "Well, what a wild bunch! I get all excited and weak in the knees just thinking about facing them. The adrenaline makes my handwriting terrible. I'm sorry. More to come."

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  1. you asked my favorite... drawing wise gorgon... altogether wise it's a tie between cockatrice, and blinkdog