Monday, March 15, 2010

Monster Manual fan remix 2010 Volume One

I just got hired by Wizards of the Coast to update the D&D Monster Manual (tee-emm baby) to keep it from getting stale. Just kidding, I'm just trying to work my way down the geek hierarchy by doing a fan job on it. Lord knows I'll never actually pull that off until I actually start playing D&D. On second thought, I think people that play D&D might think I'm a worse geek than them for only being interested in the monsters or for being a D&D poser and that's what the geek hierarchy is really about -- being perceived as a worse geek by those less geekier than yourself. Hmm... Smoke that, nerds.

Lets make sure we all retire together on a compound in Guadalajara or Eugene or whatever someday and just make sauerkraut and soak our dentures and prepare all week long for super serious competitive geriatric weekend D&D tournaments. That is my dream. Along with surfing on a giant pizza.

HARD TO READ TEXT IN FIRST PANEL: "In memory of Matt Monster who hath been slain in battle by wicked dwarves and ocelots / It did 80 points of fire damage on him. It was sad but cool"

ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF ERROR: I wrote "go to" twice in the SPECTRE panel. I ain't rescanning though. That's your funeral.