Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Investigative journalism

I walked by a TV last week that was playing an ad for a news program that was coming up and they were doing one of those "TOAST THE SECRET KILLER!!1!" type of stories. This time is was women's public bathrooms under the microscope. They noticed a terrifying trend and did the right thing by bringing it to the public's attention with some ominous music playing over it. But even though it seems like awful hyperbole, I know that we are truly in danger. Evil creatures lurk behind every stall. Probably not a sick pervert stalker, but more likely a beholder or maybe a displacer beast or maybe a terrible githyanki. I'm afraid the scan is of poor quality, because it was captured on a grainy security camera. If you are sensitive to powerful horrifying beasts, you shouldn't be looking at this.

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