Friday, January 8, 2010

sheep won't do

Darwin's journey to the center of the earth was accompanied by 12 iguanas, 14 purple necks, 100 cyclopes, a never-ending loaf of bread, a chimp or two (diapers, no diapers), coolpix digital camera, a crayfish, a pile of hermit hair, every hermit magazine, guns and ammo, enough t.p. for everyone, a box of pens, flamin' hot cheetos, a cheetah engulfed in flames, portable DVD player, Apocalypto DVD, 2012 bootleg DVD, melatonin pills, nose hair clippers, sharpie for tagging, moleskin notebook, OED, sudoku puzzle book, Alf for shit talking, every bible just in case, tattoo gun, lotion for ashy, Uggs (the copper colored classic short metallic finish ones), cut off shorts, measuring stick, compass, chemicals, glasses, framed degree certificates, muzzles for chimpszzzThis is undignified. Someday I hope to be able to draw Darwin more better at both 31 years old and 200 years old. Next: muzzled monkeys with diaper, without diaper.

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