Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Doctor's quickly sketched medical diagrams

I'm very excited to finally have a forum in which to share these priceless artifacts. As great stacks of medical records cross my desk, I am fortunate enough to be away to squirrel away these odd, mysterious documents that are doctor's hand drawn diagrams of medical conditions and anatomical mechanics. I have more of these at home and will post them as I find them. It's such a lovely surprise to stumble upon one of these gems amongst drab medical reports, lab results, fee tickets, and insurance correspondences.Just as I suspected, the Pyramid of Pain and I had met before. As did the Web of Life and Tetris vs. PCP Round 12. Just found these guys in my desk at home. Cute find.

**ATTENTION SKIMMERS: I did not draw the above pictures. I found them. I do not have a medical degree.**

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