Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Que es mas macho?

So this is happening now. I read about it in the news on New Years Eve. It's weird how not-secret this secret society is...

First section text: "The secretive men-only society won state approval for a logging plan allowing the group to harvest as much as 1.7 million board feet of timber a year"

Second section text: "The logging plan, argues the 130-year-old club believed to have included every republican president since Herbert Hoover, will help reduce fire risks and help reserve its 2,700 acre Russian River encampment to a natural state."

Third section text: "But really... They just need the felled redwoods for their depraved secret republican bacchanalian sex raves. The will build a 10 story tall phallic representation of a composite of every penis in this year's group and it is required by tradition to be made from the redwood tree. Because it's the best. They trees are held together with millions of third world foreskins for authenticity."

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