Friday, October 4, 2013

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Behold! My latest batch of drawings for MRR's Friday Fuckin Funnies series. 

You guys, I've got some shit to say about pandas. They're no good at procreating. They only bone like four days a year. Despite their lack of game, I would still like to be the guy who dresses up in a panda costume and feeds the baby. Actually never mind I take it back, it's too creepy.

This cautionary panel on fraud is a more play on an old theme to be found here.

 This is a painting I like to call "My Weakness." It's inspired by the song Shoop by Salt n Pepa. Also by hanging out in Nederland with Helen, Cathy, Stanley, and birthday bitchface Jason. We had so much fun and we were so witty and clever and gay there together. Remember?

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