Friday, November 12, 2010

Self-Retrospective: It's been long enough that I am also bewildered and amused

This old thing cracked me up, so I'll share with you. The last page reads: raison d'twat. It took me a couple minutes to figure that out. Do you know who these people are?

I think this is the second foldy book comic I made. It's to help the scientists in the future figure out why we walk that way. The lady says "Were you, like, injured in the war or something?"

This is terrifying because it is a true reoccurring nightmare that I really truly have every few years and it's bone chilling every time. I made this book for Matt for his bday a while back. This dream always involves the same plot twist -- whatever house I am living in has an extensive ancient labrynthian endless catacombs of rooms and my housemates and I have never explored beyond the portion that we rent and then we decide to just go for it because it's interesting and of course HP Lovecraft has been up to something in there. In this particular episode of this real true dream I had, there was a horrifying ghastly figure at the bottom of the staircase, but it was just Dain for some reason being extra creepy, so it had a happy ending for once. Two thumbs up, nightmare dream world.

I will be putting up more oldy-foldies as time permits. Stay tewned.


  1. You are the best ever, mayng. Ever ever ever.
    i still have that comic

  2. Aww thannks bay-bee. Ima check in with you shortly.

  3. i owe you hella checkins, don't sweat it.

  4. the one with all middle fingers is keeley... and I think the last one might be me...I have vague recollection of you making this... but I could be wrong...