Saturday, November 27, 2010

"I'm for, how do they say, soft misanthropy" - zizek

Doorbuster: Come on, you apes. Bust the door. You know you want to.

We find ourselves again here, at this ruthless time of year, when we like to throw a temp worker or two under the ceremonial killing blade to make sure the holiday shopping season gets kicked off with frothing, pumping blood lust throbbing in our veins.

New York Target Black Friday 2010:

Walmart Little Rock, AK Black Friday 2011 - waffle iron frenzy

Walmart Sacramento Black Friday 2010 - unruly crowd evacuated.

Madison Toys R Us Black Friday 2010 - Cutting, gun threat, arrest, no Christmas toy

And Long Island Walmart Black Friday 2008 - stampede, 1 employee dead. But why change a policy that works?

The only lesson the news media manages to extract from these stories that reliably come one after another every holiday season is that human nature is repulsive and we should tut-tut at those trashy people who behave like savages to save a few dollars. No tut-tuts for CEO's and marketing execs who design these inane events at 3am with their stupid bracelets that make the christmas-present-buying-hoards feel like they're in a circle pit at Warped Tour. If us simple monkeys are so predictable with our human nature, why engineer the same riot for us every single year? I think it's very clear. To get them pig faces at the expense of our dignity and well being.


  1. Total sadness and frustration. Makes me feel sick like watching death footage.
    i totally thought those pictures were from skid row at first, which is an interesting juxtapose.
    While there is nothing funny about it, this skit is oddly appropriate:
    But seriously, the way they set up these situations is crazy. Totally dehumanizing and humiliating. I've heard they have employees with megaphones pumping people up even.

  2. Wow, thanks for the vid, its tapping into some realness. I hope they bring in someone special to yell on the megaphone, cuz no one at those big box stores is paid enough to do that.