Monday, October 18, 2010


There are so many distractions at school. You think that when you sit down in a computer lab reserved only for graduate students in your department, you'll experience only focused, blazing, hemorrhoidal silence, but then the kids from urban planning start discussing their mapping project that uses BART as its subject and they're talking about how some people can't afford to use BART because they charge a progressive fee based on starting point and destination and they wonder why is the West Oakland station is all red on the data map. I know why, it's because of the bloody blood blood blood that's everywhere, that's why. Blood from a ruined community that was thriving before planning type official aliens tore it down to make way for BART, you know that already. How can I concentrate at a time like this? Talking about my town in such a clinical, dispassionate tone is just fucking with me really. It's a double tragedy—cry now and now later too. And throw a few more in more in there just for the hell of it. Cry way back when too and some in between cries if you have a chance. I was cracking up at Disneyland on the way out of the Indiana Jones ride when I thought about this adjusted drama masks symbol. What a fine tattoo! Tragedy all over the place just like real life. Helen says to proceed with caution because it's too funny and that's bad sometimes. But she's one to talk with "you break it, you buy it" on her ass. HELEN. You've got a lot of nerve.
I was trying to draw some pooh characters from my mind during my economics class. The above is the result. It's kinda scary or whatever. The pooh with the hunny pot ain't bad if I don't mind saying so myself.
P.S. Megan says our transit is racist because the richest people ride Caltrain and get a $12 subsidy per ride and the poorest people ride and the poorest people ride the bus and get a .25 subsidy per ride and the justification is that if the rich, white people on Caltrain start feeling good about how nice transportation is, they'll spend more of their own money of the other kinds too. Racisttttttttsssssssssss. Just make the bus free instead, duh. Like a civilized place.


  1. i laughed a whole bunch. i say it is the good kind of funny.