Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Equity isn't fair--vote republican

You can get so far in the university and still ask questions like: "Capitalism makes technological innovation happen. Is that super duper great or just super great? Discuss." Not is it true? or can this statement be complicated? but a only the marginal issue of how much?

I often find that my mouth is open but I cannot speak because I'm too confused. I can't comprehend that even in the hallowed institution of higher learning, the premise is so richly debatable. Did you know capitalism saved the miners? It's so like capitalism to build a crappy mine and ignore safety regulations just so it can save some trapped miners later and look like the big hero. What a bitch. But that seems irrelevant to the conversation when they put the question like that.

And then (in a different class) when we're pondering the undisputed side effect if globalization that it leads to monoculture the prof asks: "Should we rather decide not to trade and keep people in other countries poor because we want to be able to visit a place without a Gap?" So many assumptions there. It assumes people people in poor countries's lives will improve if we trade with them and we assume our desire to visit a place without Gap is a valid argument and the only argument against the free market.

And did you know that 95% of economists believe that free market is best for the economy? Every section of that statement is a segment of a centipede gently inching into your ear where it will burrow into your brain and teach you to equate "healthy economy" with "good for people" because, well, it's in the book and you want to get an A and a recommendation letter.


  1. You're a smart lady. Maybe you should voice these opinions in class. Your professor will give you a hug.

  2. I think I would be nervous if he wanted to hug me. I'll try to keep my mouth shut. But really sometimes I do manage to get out some point of view that's not on the menu and the there's no eject button that boots me out of class. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised to find myself the only one with subversive opinions, particularly when it's my business school class. I'm a visitor in a strange land. I'm just whining cuz it's so psychedelic. For the most part it's fun and challenging to be out of my element and only slightly disturbing. I always knew those people were there, I just avoided them.