Wednesday, June 16, 2010

vacay dudelz

Here are a few selections from my vacation road trip sketchbook. Lots of truck stops, weird pale lumpy fashion-deprived people, and then some shows with Nero and Mincemeat in cool places like Ohio and Tennessee. Most of these drawings have a remarkable story affiliated with them, but not all. Like bird/bear/snake towards the end, that's nothing, however, anything with dicks all over it, that's cuz we stayed at Ruth's house, which is a penis museum and when I closed my eyes at night all I could see was neon rainbow dongs doing synchronized dances on my brain. Sorry I wrote "jizz bib" in there somewhere.
I also made some funny petite comic profiles of a few people I met. I may remix them a bit to make them more coherent for other people. They look kinda mean right now and that's not my intention. We'll see. I did include one profile of a guy, Hans, cuz well, I'm not too concerned about accidentally degrading his character... He's already a real piece of work on his own.

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