Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Raype Revenge and Pretene Mania Ritual

This is the audience of tenes/pretenes/adults chanting the name of a character in a certain fantasy movie that opened last night before the movie even started. Because they're demented and awesome. And they just want to puffy paint their own custom t-shirts with depraved images and scream bloody murder for no reason. This is obviously not merely about the movie.

Although, it does have an extremely cool raYpe revenge scene in it. One of the characters was made vampire because her maker found her dying in the street after her fiance and his drunk friends had gang raYped her and left her for dead. When she became a vampire she systematically hunted them down and killed them, saving her fiance for last. He had a team of police protecting his door because he knew she was coming and he was terrified. She effortlessly ripped them all to shreds and burst into his room in a wedding dress and killed his ass. Pretty cool for a teeny bopper movie.
P.S. Had to alter title and certain words to keep the pedos from stopping by

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