Sunday, December 27, 2009

you a puppy

I drew this at work for the benefit of my coworkers that all endure sharing space and air with the woman who is the subject of this comic. The theory is that she has 12 chromosomes, which would explain why she is constantly enraged and yelling at people on the phone and patients and doctors. Last Wednesday she returned from lunch and the silence lasted 5 minutes before events chronicled in this comic transpired. She looked at her facebook, saw that there was a possibility that someone had made a slight against her by calling her a "puppy" and proceeded to get the person's number, call them, chew them out until the person explained that she did not, in fact, call her a puppy. The phone call ended and the woman erupted in embarrassed laughter and danced around the room explaining that she does not tolerate the possibility of being fucked with in anyway by anyone and then recited several of her catch phrases including "you know I'm a BEAST" and "I will lay her out." The she repeated everything a few times to everyone in the room and other people on the phone, yelled at someone else about buying food stamps, and then left early after another grueling day at the office. The most glaring truth of all that makes this all seem so ridiculous, of course, is that puppies are cute and she should take at least 15 valium.

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